If you are interested in importing products from many Chinese suppliers at the same time, their single shipment is not the best solution. Having to pay shipping and customs costs for each order separately can stretch your budget.

Consolidation of orders from China is an effective way to introduce savings by minimizing the costs of transport and customs clearance.

What is Consolidated Shipping?

Consolidated transport is a freight consolidation service provided mainly by shippers and companies cooperating with them. Simply put, this service combines multiple separate batches of orders – often from different vendors – into one larger shipment. Transportation and customs clearance for all goods is carried out together as a whole, with the aim of achieving a better total rate for collective shipment than for each item shipped separately.

What is the consolidation of orders from China?

This method involves collecting individual orders from several local suppliers in China. The consolidating company collects all shipments from the suppliers indicated by the buyer in one warehouse in China. Additionally, quality control , repackaging or labeling services can be ordered for consolidated goods prior to shipment . Then all shipments – already consolidated into one load, are sent to the recipient.

Common invoice and packing list for all orders

If the importer contacts the company that consolidates orders from China before placing them, he may additionally receive one invoice and one packing list for all goods. Such a solution is possible when the intermediary company in China also acts as a purchasing agent. In this situation, one company buys goods from various suppliers indicated by the importer and consoles them in its warehouse in China. The importer then pays for all the goods to the post-retirement company and receives a collective invoice and a packing list.

The cost of consolidating orders from China

In the transport of goods, there is a rule that the greater the quantity, the lower the shipping rates, prompting companies to transport goods in large quantities. This is why a good way to lower your unit weight transportation costs is to consolidate small quantities into large shipments.

In the case of international express shipments, heavy cargo costs a lower price per kilo than light cargo. Sea transport is a better solution here. If you come to import 5 different shipments from 5 suppliers and each shipment is 0.5CBM, you can consider consolidating them by sea or rail.

In this way, the shipping cost can be up to 80% lower than in the case of express delivery. Otherwise, 5 international express deliveries need to be paid separately. There is no cheaper solution than consolidation.

Why is it worth consolidating orders from China?

The Chinese procurement consolidation service brings some benefits in terms of simplifying imports and reducing transport costs when purchasing goods from different vendors.

Consolidation of orders, which brings together many shipments into one, ultimately reduces delivery costs.

Moreover, it is much easier to track one international shipment than several or a dozen separate ones.

Consolidated goods require a one-time settlement with the customs authorities without the need to repeat the steps. In short, shipping multiple separate packages takes much more time and is much more expensive than one consolidated package.

It is also worth bearing in mind that when transporting many consolidated parcels at once, you can expect them to be received at the same time. In the absence of a consolidation of shipments, even if all packages are shipped at the same time, it is rare for shipments to arrive at once. You should then focus on picking up deliveries within a few days or even weeks. Obtaining a consolidated shipment greatly simplifies matters.

As you can see, a consolidated shipment is a great convenience, but most importantly it saves time and money.

Additional services accompanying the consolidation of orders from China, which will simplify your import

Regardless of the location, nowadays, from almost anywhere in the world, you can buy products in Chinese stores and easily send them to a designated place. It is imperative to choose the best shipping service and to hand over consolidated parcels as soon as possible. Consolidation, forwarding and brokerage services for importing parcels from China provide a group of additional services.

  • purchase of goods from local suppliers in RMB
  • issuing a commercial invoice and bill of lading
  • repackaging or labeling goods
  • quality control of goods
  • warehousing of goods in China
  • customs clearance

Regardless of how conscious an importer is, it is worth knowing such a beneficial solution as consolidation of shipments from China as a multi-asset logistics solution in import from China.

Order the service

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So place any number of orders with various suppliers in China and we, through our warehouse, will store your goods, repack them and ship them to you. Consolidating orders from China is an easy way to reduce shipping costs, especially when you buy products from different vendors.

Thanks to this solution, import from China is simpler, cheaper, and you do not have to worry about each order separately.