Do you know Adult products also have these benefits?

June 20, 2022

Many surveys have shown that men who buy sex toys are higher than women, with men accounting for about 70% and women 30%.

According to the survey data of the professional statistics department, the annual sales of adult products is as high as 10 billion yuan. China has a population of 1.4 billion, of which more than 70% are adults. With the rapid development of China’s material and spiritual civilization, more than 90% of adults have accepted family planning supplies and sex toys. Most of the middle-aged men have the experience of buying adult products.

So let’s talk about what are adult sexual products? The so-called adult sexual products refer to some devices that can help men and women overcome their sexual difficulties and complete their sexual responses like normal people. Adult products can not only increase sexual interest and improve the quality of sex, but also bring positive effects to sexual health.

Sexual health is good for the whole body, and the use of adult toys can improve the feeling of various organs of the body, making the human body more sensitive to some discomforts.

Whether it is sexual literature, sex toys, or adult products, they are all items used to strengthen your sexual contact, to add changes to your sexual behavior, and your sexual life to remain the same, which can easily become an excuse for “derailment”. So from now on, try a variety of adult products boldly, so that sex is no longer monotonous!

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Who are adult products suitable for?

1: Young people who have no sexual experience; because they have not experienced sexual behavior, they are curious about sex, because there are many varieties, many of which they have never seen before, which makes them curious and will use adults Appliances to experience sexual sensations.

2: People who work abroad for a long time; people who work in other places or go on business trips, who are not around with their sexual partners, and who do not want to have a casual relationship with the opposite sex are also a group of people who use adult products.
Long-term seafarers, long-term single miners, long-term geologists engaged in field operations, etc., because they are often separated, both husband and wife may have needs for sexual supplies, so sexual supplies can also play a key reconciling role.
It’s hard to let go of lust without a sexual partner. And an inflatable doll can effectively help single men and women release their erotic desires. Sex toys are not a spiritual sustenance, but can actually bring you into a paradise of pleasure.
With or without sex toys, masturbation is a key way to learn how to control your body. Using a sex toy doesn’t make the man a “loser.” He’s actually pretty smart and probably better in bed. Because he is more interested in sex and more focused on technique.

3: People who have no freshness in sex life: Many people think that couples will not use these things. In fact, adult products can improve the fun of sex between husband and wife. For example: assistive devices, supplies, etc.
A 40-year-old buyer said: “After a long time of marriage, married life is boring. If you want to use this, it can bring freshness to life, and it will also help increase the relationship between husband and wife, and will not make sex life boring.” Requires mutual willingness to be available.
Whether to use couples products during sex, what kind of sex toys to use, when to use them, and the frequency of use need to be negotiated by both parties. If both parties agree to use adult products, but the other party feels uncomfortable during use, they should stop using it to avoid harm to the lover’s body.

4: People with unharmonious sexual desires; due to the difference in the physiological structure of men and women, in the sexual life, the men are finished soon and the woman has not reached orgasm, the woman can use adult products to assist to achieve orgasm to make up for the unpleasantness caused by the man; use The purpose of sex toys is not simply to let one party reach a climax, but should be satisfied by both parties.
Therefore, during intercourse, you can use sex toys to stimulate each other’s sensitive parts, bring more pleasure to women, and try to make the two orgasms synchronized. Another situation is that the man has a strong sexual desire, while the woman is relatively indifferent to sex. Sex toys first produce visual stimulation from the senses. During the use process, women can experience the pleasure that cannot be brought by sexual life. Effectively increase libido and relieve sexual frigidity.
Such men can also use sexual masturbation devices to solve their sexual needs, and some women take the initiative to buy such products for their boyfriends. Sex toys can only be used as an auxiliary means, and cannot replace the emotional communication between the two parties, nor can they use sex drugs for a long time, nor can they use sex toys as a necessary means to improve their sexual life.

You must know that sex life without emotional basis not only cannot improve sexual quality, but also leads to the reduction, weakening or even separation of emotional communication between the two parties, causing the other party’s disgust or disgust, and making sexual disharmony or sexual dysfunction worse.

5: People who need contraception; whether it is a young man, a couple, or an elderly couple, condoms have a big role, which can not only ensure the safety of sexual life, but also effectively contraceptive.

6: Elderly couples; with the increase of age, the decline of sexual function is inevitable, but it does not mean that the elderly cannot have sex. The body enters old age but sexual function still exists, so don’t ignore the elderly too. sexually desired.
Many older men in their 70s and 80s can still get their young wives pregnant, while older women have lost their reproductive function, but can still have sex. Therefore, as long as you maintain a good attitude and establish a sexual life mode corresponding to your age, the elderly can also enjoy the happiness brought by adult products.

7: Disabled people are a boon for disabled people. Some people are not married for various reasons, especially disabled people. Because many disabled people cannot live a normal sexual life, although they are physically disabled, their physical needs are not the slightest. reduction. Physiological needs can be met with the help of an adult product simulator.

8: Anyone can use a sex toy; surveys show that people who have sex use sex toys more than those who don’t, and that sex toy-using partners generally have higher quality sex and greater emotional intimacy. About 20-30% of people will use at least disposable toys in their lifetime. Sex toys are not a lifesaver or a panacea, just a supplement to sex games.

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