Q: How to deliver goods? Discreet package?

A: In order to protect your privacy, we will send your products in a safe condition with discreet package. The toys will be packed in an invisible bag.

Q: Production Material Safety?

A: All products are 100% brand new, safe and harmless to the human body.

Q: Does the product smell?

All our products are made of safe material. Since they are in the sealed package for months. Please clean it and dry it naturally, the smell will disappear soon.

Q: When is the parcel sent?

A: We will send out your order in 3-5 working days after your order is placed.

Q: How about refund?

A: Full refund if the item does not match the description or defective. If there are any other problems , contact with us.

Q: Why didn’t reply to the question in time?

A:Because of time difference, but messages will be reply within one workday,please be patient.

A vibrator is a type of sex toy that is used on your favorite areas to create mind-blowing stimulation. Vibrators come in many shapes and sizes, including bullets, dildos, wands, and anal plugs. They offer a unique sensation that even first-time users can quickly grow to love.

What kind of vibrator should I get?

The right vibrator can completely change your sex life, whether we’re talking about solo adventures or using adult toys with a partner. Thanks to their powerful motors and sleek design, these multi-speed sex toys can stimulate you in ways that even the most skilled lover simply cannot. They can help you explore more erogenous zones than you could on your own, whether you’re using a dual action rabbit vibrator for internal and clitoral stimulation at the same time, a finger vibe for an extra boost right where it counts or a specially curved G-spot vibrator to help you discover the sensual thrill of female ejaculation.

If you enjoy external stimulation, consider a clitoral vibrator for focused touch right where you want it. Clitoral toys hit the right spot every time, as these women’s sex toys zero in on your most sensitive area. You can use a clit vibe during intercourse or manual stimulation for a double dose of pleasure for focused pressure. The clitoris contains sensitive nerve endings that, when touched by a powerful vibrator, will make you feel incredible. If you are looking for a toy to help you find and play with your G spot, we carry many models which are curved to coax out that inner area that can unlock endless delights. And if you want the best of both worlds, a rabbit vibrator will pleasure you both internally and externally. You can even simulate the feel of a human tongue with an oral sex massager that provides a unique sensation (and, of course, it never gets tired!).

And if you and your lover want a vibrator that’s perfect for couples, then you may want a one with a remote control, or even a strap-on vibrator if you’re both adventurous. Both of these options provide a sense of hands-free pleasure, which is sure to make your orgasms all the more wonderful. From clitoral stimulators to cock rings, you and your lover can both experience pleasurable vibrations. We offer every type of vibrator you could want, from beginner vibes to the utmost in luxury erotic toys.

What are vibrators made of?

Like most other sex toys, vibrators are usually made of body-safe plastics or silicone; this gives them the realistic or firm feeling your body craves. It’s important to note, however, that if you should never use silicone-based lubricant with a toy made of silicone.

What makes vibrators unique?

Since so many people have so many different needs when it comes to sexual stimulators, vibrators come in many different sizes, shapes, and intensities. Someone may want a simple massager or vibrating toy, while others are looking for one that’s waterproof or rechargeable. Rechargeable vibrators don’t require battery changes, while waterproof vibrators are great for anyone who likes to play in the water. But a vibrating dildo won’t serve the same purpose as wand massager or a bullet vibrator. The key to vibrators (and all sex toys, really) is knowing what you want or what pleasure you want to feel to give you the best orgasms ever. Whether you want to feel vibration on your clitoris, vaginally, or even around your penis, there truly is a vibrator for everyone.

And gone are the days when vibes only came in the most basic of hues! You can now shop for a sex toy to match the color of your bedroom walls or go for a fun design like a pineapple vibe. When you’re not at home, you can keep a discreet travel vibrator with you so that your erotic satisfaction is at your fingertips anywhere you go.

How often should I clean my vibrator?

Much like every one of your sex toys, you should be cleaning your vibrator after every use. It doesn’t matter if your vibrator is a bullet or for your G-spot; if it comes into contact with your body (and everything associated with your body), then cleaning it is a must to ensure that your sexual health stays in check. We offer sex toy cleaner to protect your sexual health and the longevity of your toys. Keep in mind that even though some vibrators are waterproof, the best way to clean them is with a proper antibacterial toy cleaner. Also note that if your toy is rechargeable, then you should avoid getting the charging port wet.

What kind of vibrators will I find at Sexysos‘s?

We have hundreds of vibrators so you can find the perfect one that you’ll reach for every time you’re in the mood. We have everything from plug-in massagers like the popular Hitachi Magic Wand to bullet vibrators, rabbit vibes, luxury vibrators, and mini vibrators that are perfect for your purse or traveling. With many of our best-selling vibrators and brands like Lelo, We-Vibe, and Womanizer, you may just be surprised by our wide selection. Sexysos’s also carries remote control vibrators so you can hand over the reins of your arousal to a trusted partner and wait and see when they decide to give you a jolt of pleasure. And, as always, our discreet shipping will make sure your dirty little secret remains a secret.

If you’re ready to try using a strap on, Sexysos’s has everything you need to make this popular sexual fantasy a reality. Women, you can have a cock of your very own! But first let’s answer the question that’s probably on your mind: What is a strap-on? “Strap-on” refers to a type of dildo fitted into a harness, usually worn by women, that’s used to penetrate another person sexually. Most dildos can be uses in harnesses, as long as they fit properly in the O-ring, which holds it in place. There are also strapless models that don’t require a harness. Keep reading to learn more about the different varieties.

The word strap refers to the harness, which is worn by the dildo wielder. Most harnesses have straps that the wearer wraps around their hips. Other options are thigh harnesses and panty harnesses. What’s the difference? A thigh harness is worn on the leg and straps around the thigh. A panty harness has a hole in front for the dildo to fit into.

Why Strapons Are Popular

Why do people like using strap on toys? There are several reasons: They give the wearer the chance to be in charge. They get to have their own cock for the evening thanks to the dildo. This is a heady and powerful experience even before you use it on someone else. The wearer can be the giver rather than the receiver. Their partner gets to feel what it’s like to be penetrated, either anally or vaginally.

This may be something new for a couple, allowing them to open their sexual horizons. It’s the perfect way for couples to mix things up in the bedroom. The best part is, you can customize your new sexy adventure to your specifications. Often just the sight of your lover wearing the strap-on is enough to turn many people on. These toys offer a whole new visual to arouse their mind and unleash lots of erotic possibilities.

Our harnesses and dildos come in an array of styles and materials, including silicone. They are designed to easily fit around your hips. If a woman’s wearing it, she can easily get aroused. The dildo will press against her for clitoral stimulation. This provides a very pleasurable sensation as she’s thrusting.

What makes using a strap on different from holding a dildo? Your hands are free for other activities! Plus you won’t get tired out. It also feels exciting to wear one. If you don’t have a penis, you get to show off your new “member.”

Who Likes Strapon Dildos?

People of all sexual orientations enjoy strap on play. Lesbians often use strap-ons for penetration. They can take turns wearing them and being the giver or receiver. This does not mean that they secretly want to be men. It simply means they want to enjoy certain sexual positions that are aided by a strap-on. Two women may also use a double dildo so they can both be penetrated simultaneously.

For male/female couples, it lets them explore pegging, also known as “bend over boyfriend.” The woman wears the harness and dildo and penetrates the man anally. Strapon sex toys are the perfect way to live out this popular sexual fantasy. As an exciting bonus, this action can also stimulate the P-spot (prostate). This erogenous zone can produce major pleasure for men and may create stronger orgasms.

But men aren’t the only ones who benefit from pegging. Women get to feel the base of the dildo pressing against their clitoris. If they use a vibrating dildo, the sensation is even stronger. With each thrust of her hips, she both delivers and receives pleasure. Talk about a win/win!

Sometimes, a man will wear a hollow strap-on to help him with erectile dysfunction issues. Instead of a regular solid dildo, there’s a hollow opening he can put his flaccid penis inside. Whether he’s hard, half hard or not hard yet, he’ll be ready for sexual action immediately. Hollow strap-ons are also useful for men who ejaculate too early for the same reason. Using them gives you time to fulfill your intimate desires. Both partners will be satisfied and can enjoy sex at their own pace.

A hollow strap-on can greatly improve your sex life. How? Because it takes the pressure off. A man doesn’t have to worry about controlling his hardness. He can relax and be in the moment. He knows that he can always add a strap-on when he’s flaccid or erect. This way everyone gets what they want! Penetration is always a possibility. His cock doesn’t have to do all the work.

In other words, strap-ons are unisex sex toys that everyone can enjoy.

Types of Strap-Ons

Strap-ons dildos come in many variations. You can take your pick of bold dong colors such as red, blue, purple, black and even glow-in-the-dark. These are eye-catching and exciting. You can also select a realistic-looking one that resembles a penis. One of our most popular options is the Menage a Trois Strap On Dildo Set. This six inch red sex toy is perfect for beginners. Hint: Make sure you have water-based lube nearby!

Sexysos’s has plenty of strap on sex options designed with our adventurous customers in mind. You can find the right style, size and type for you. Things to consider: Dildo color and size, hollow or not, type of harness. What kind of experience are you looking for? You can enjoy double penetration, anal play or vaginal intercourse. Get ready to bring your strap it on and bring your sexual fantasies into the bedroom!

Sexysos’s carries many different types of strap-on harnesses because we want you to have the best sex possible. Your options range from ones designed for pegging to the fashionable purple Dillio Strap-On Suspender Harness or even a lace harness. The Vac-U-Lock Ultra Harness with Plug even has a crotchless design for a different feel. Whether you want a straightforward harness or a more adorned design is up to you.

You also want to make sure you get the perfect fit so you’re completely comfortable. Look for an adjustable harness. One popular option is the Dillio Perfect Fit Harness, which fits waists of up to 68 inches. Several of our harnesses are designed for beginners. These will help you get used to wearing one.

When selecting a strap-on, think about what kinds of sensations you prefer. You can get a vibrating dildo or one that doesn’t vibrate. Our dongs come in a variety of flesh colors as well as options such as red or pink. Think about which you prefer, since these toys become an extension of you in the heat of the moment. They are special and intimate since you’re wearing them and mimicking having a real cock. Keep that in mind.

Trust us: Choosing your own strap-on is very personal. While you may own several vibrators, you may only own one strap-on. It depends on your preference and how often you use it. What’s great about them is you can change the dildo depending on your mood. You may want one for anal penetration and one for vaginal. The options are endless!

Before you get started, you may want to spend a little alone time with your new toy. Look at yourself in the mirror. Touch your new appendage. Stroke the straps. Get to know them. Hump the air. Imagine what it will feel like to thrust your hips as your partner writhes. It’s okay if it feels a little strange at first. You’ll get used to it!

Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure the harness is adjustable. If you’re using a silicone toy, make sure you only use water-based lubricant with it.

How to Use Your Strap-On for Pegging

  • Find a dildo and harness that fit
  • Make sure you like how you look wearing it
  • Get used to how wearing it feels
  • Show off your strap-on to your partner
  • Have them touch your new cock
  • Get into position with the dildo wearer standing or kneeling behind the receiver
  • Add lube to the dildo and the receiver’s anus
  • Gradually guide your strap-on inside
  • Move slowly and check in with your partner
  • Once you’re in a good position, thrust away

Strap-On Sex Tips

Using a strap-on is a great way to explore erotic power dynamics. Have you dreamed of having your lover worship your penis? Now they can! When you wear a dildo, it’s so much more than a sex toy. Sticking out between your legs, it’s like a new body part. You won’t know until you try it how good it can feel or what emotions it will bring up.

One of the most important things to remember about using a strap-on harness is that both partners should be completely comfortable. That’s why an adjustable harness is vital so you can get the perfect fit. This will let you keep going longer. The good news is that we sell complete dildo and harness sets. You can also shop for a separate harness and insert your favorite dildo. It will fit into the O-ring of the harness. It should be snug so you can control it.

This advice applies to most sex acts: Take your time. Before you go all the way with pegging, consider using other anal toys first. You can train your body to take larger objects. Start with a butt plug of three or four inches. Then you can work your way up to larger dildos once you’re comfortable with the plugs.

We’ve selected the best strap-ons to help you have the hottest sex of your life. They’re part of our wide selection of sex toys for everyone. All of the products in this category have been selected with your pleasure in mind. We also have plenty of sex lubes if you want them to use with any of our adult toys.

Anal toys are designed to stimulate the anal region of male and female users. These toys come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, but are usually spherical, and feature a flared base.

Experience a whole new type of sexual pleasure with Sexysos’s selection of anal beads, butt plugs and other anal toys. These sex products let you safely explore backdoor play. If you haven’t tried any type of anal penetration before, you don’t know what you’re missing! Now is the perfect time to start exploring this sensitive area by incorporating it into foreplay, or experimenting during masturbation. We have beginner toys that will help you find out just what these toys can do.

Who Uses Anal Toys?

Women and men both love anal play. Women can use anal toys to stimulate the inside of the vaginal wall from a different angle, and guys have the added bonus of these sex toys being able to stimulate their prostate for a more intense, pleasurable experience.

Types of Anal Sex Toys

There are many different types of toys you can use for butt play, so we’re going to break it down for you!

Anal beads are perfect for the beginner. These beads feature graduated spheres that will stimulate your anus during masturbation or couples play. The beads usually start small and gradually get larger, so you can feel the intense pleasure of length and girth.

Anal dildos are the next step when it comes to insertables. Anal dildos are usually designed to stimulate the prostate for men, and the back all of the vagina (from the inside out) for women. Tapered heads make for easy insertion, but don’t forget your lubricant!

Anal vibrators are the perfect way to enhance your anal play. These vibrating toys come in all different shapes and sizes, so you can find one that is fit for you. Our body-safe butt vibes are the perfect mixture of penetration and vibrating, allowing you to experience two fantastic feelings at once.

Butt plugs, or anal plugs are perfect for beginners and vets! These toys are the perfect way to prepare you for anal sex as they are used to stretch the anus in preparation for something larger. Butt plugs are also used for pleasure, and can technically be worn in the anus long-term. Want to add some vibration? Try a vibrating butt plug and up the ante of your sex fun. Prostate massagers are toys that are specifically designed to stimulate the male prostate. Just like women have a g-spot, men have a p-spot that can sometimes bring them to orgasm. These massagers are the perfect way to find the hidden gem and experience a different type of pleasure.

How to Use Anal Sex Toys

The anus does not self-lubricate, so it’s important that you use a generous amount of anal lube before and during play. You can use silicone-based lube, unless the toy you are using is silicone. In that case, you should use water-based lube. (Silicone lube could tarnish a silicone sex toy.) Remember: size isn’t everything, and we recommend starting with a smaller anal sex toy, like small anal plugs or beads before moving on to a larger anal dildo or butt plug. This way, your body has a chance to adjust to the sensation. Perhaps you start out with a beginner sex toy and discover what aspects of the experience you enjoy, and explore further once you know. If you discover that what you truly like about anal fun is longer length, you can move on to a toy like a starter anal dildo. Once you’ve reached a point where you really know what you want, you could incorporate strap-on play with your partner, and up your sex game in the bedroom. Sexysos’s has plenty of sex lube options for all types of anal play.

The great thing about anal toys is that once they’re inside, because of their flared base, they’ll stay in place so you can enjoy vaginal intercourse, oral sex, vibrators, masturbation or anything else that tickles your fancy. Having the plug inside your anal canal will enhance all the other sexual stimulation. Butt pleasure has been gaining in popularity in recent years, but there are some people who still consider the taboo element of anal fun a part of what makes it hot. You should know that it’s very common to desire anal penetration, which is why there’s such a wide variety of adult products devoted to it.

Sexysos’s wants you to have the best sex life possible, which means that you should feel confident in living out all of your fantasies. So, if backdoor loving is something you’ve dreamed about but haven’t quite gotten around to trying, check out our selection of anal toys for both women and men. If you’re a dedicated butt sex lover and simply can’t get enough, you can find exciting new anal toys like stainless steel plugs, silicone toys, suction cup butt plugs, vibrating anal beads, anal sex trainer kits and so much more. They’re part of our huge selection of sex toys.

Sex handcuffs and restraints are used in the bedroom to cuff or tie down a lover. Handcuffs are often used in bondage play or BDSM, as bondage restraints bring pleasure during foreplay and sex. Handcuffs are often made of metal, and cuffs and other restraints are usually leather, but other materials and bondage restraints are also common.

What Restraints Can I Use Besides Handcuffs During Sex?

There are dozens of BDSM sex toys in our naughty selection you can use to tie up your partner, like bondage tape, sex restraints for wrists and ankles and everything else to get your kink on! There’s more to sex handcuffs than metal, depending on the type of bondage exploration you’re doing. So if you don’t want to try metal handcuffs, there’s everything from black or red furry handcuffs to leather handcuffs, bondage rope in a variety of colors and so much more.

Silky slash restraints can be used to restrain someone’s ankles or wrists so they can enjoy the thrill of being tied down. Whatever type of naughty handcuffs or other bondage straps you select, you can savor knowing that you are handing yourself over to your partner to enjoy your body while you are shackled. Part of the joy of bondage is that act of surrendering yourself, and trusting that your partner will make you feel as sexy as possible.

How Can I Start Using Sex Restraints?

If you and your partner are just testing the waters, then start off slow to make sure the both of you are comfortable. Communication is key, so make sure that you each share your respective fantasy and how you picture it happening. Wrist restraints are often a good first step for beginners, because it’s a common fantasy and it’s easy to find sexual pleasure in handcuffs or other types of restraints. If the two of you enjoy it, then begin incorporating more bondage toys, like a blindfold, ball gag, and ankle restraints. You can also incorporate other sex toys like vibrators along with your bondage restraints for even more erotic pleasure.

And remember: Regardless of how you and your lover play, it’s always important to have a safe word during this kind of sexual activity. Your partner’s pleasure is just as important as yours, so if something were to go wrong, then you both will know what to say to stop immediately.

Using Handcuff Restraints for BDSM

If you’re the one who’s in charge of using handcuffs for sex, then there are many ways you can experiment with BDSM in the bedroom.

For those who like role-playing or simply adding to your dominant/submissive roles, consider a bondage collar and leash, so you know who’s truly in charge. More advanced kink lovers may be interested in a hogtie kit, web restraint system or a bondage bar to lock their partner’s legs or arms in exactly the right place for maximum enjoyment. Maybe you’ll tie your submissive lover’s hands behind their back and have them perform oral sex on you. They won’t be able to use their hands because they’ll be locked in place. It’s up to you whether you want to be lenient and let them out for a few moments or see how creative they can get while they’re bound. They’ll face a delicious dilemma that will likely make them incredibly aroused as they discover the excitement of having their movements restricted. Our selection is full of kinky cuffs that help you take control of your lover the way they crave.

Or perhaps you’re a loud screamer? Then try having your lover use bondage tape across your mouth, so you can only make muffled moans. As you’re silenced, they could apply nipple clamps, spank you with a paddle or perhaps run a vibrator or massager along your most sensitive body parts. Bondage is a give and take, where the bottom offers themselves up to the top, surrendering their movement for the sake of the bliss of getting off on kinky sex. These handcuffs and restraints pair perfectly with other types of sex toys to up the ante and reinforce the sensation of being tied up, or can be used on their own.

Where Can I Buy Leather Handcuffs and Restraints?

At Sexysos’s, we have everything you need to fully delight in all that bondage has to offer. An under the bed restraint kit can be tucked away from prying eyes (or is portable for your next naughty vacation), but can come out at night when its four cuffs and restraint straps can be used to turn your bedroom into a bondage playground. With everything from furry handcuffs to bondage kits, there truly is something for everyone. So whether you’re a bondage newbie or longtime devotee, we’ve got the perfect kinky cuffs for you. And don’t worry; our discreet shipping makes shopping online a breeze.

If you’re looking to live out your sexual fantasies or just experiment with something new in the bedroom, a couples sex kit from Sexysos’s is the answer to your dirtiest dreams. These special sex toy sets have everything you need to get it on and break out of your sexual rut. Admit it—isn’t everyone curious about trying new sexual positions and experimenting with bondage and BDSM? We’ve selected the best sex toy packs that couples want most, from ones geared toward dominance and submission to others designed to help you have better oral sex and plenty of other options.

Because there’s so much you can do when you restrain your lover, having a bondage sex kit can help guide you, with all the kinky toys you could desire within arm’s reach. Whether you want to surprise your lover with a naughty gift or you’ve both confessed how much the idea of bondage turns you on, a kit like this takes the guesswork out of BDSM. With 11 kinky sexy tools including a ball gag, handcuffs and a love mask, along with sex toys like nipple clamps, a hot wax candle, cat o’ nine tails and a feather tickler so you can enhance your bondage play, you’ve got the makings of plenty of racy evenings right in one handy package. You can tease your lover when they’re tied up by trying each of these adult toys on them, or savor them over the course of a long weekend. This will help you get to know what each of you like as you take your fantasy into reality.

For most couples, bondage has come up in conversation at least once. Maybe you saw Fifty Shades of Grey and wondered what it would be like to wear a blindfold or get a spanking while you’re tied up. With our wide array of kinky sex kits, you can take your pick of ways to feel the thrill of surrendering to submission or enjoying the power of being a dominant. If you’re just embarking on married life, you can make sure your marriage is one that’s always hot by kicking things off with a honeymoon bondage kit.

Don’t know where to begin in exploring your fantasies? That’s where the array of naughty sex toy kits comes in. No matter what kind of night you’re looking to have with your partner, we have the kit that will make your bedroom life explode. Always make sure you and your partner are prepped for sex with a lube kit, perfect for keeping in your overnight bag, purse or car for lovemaking on the go. Make sure to check out Sexysos’s whenever you’re looking to improve your sex life and experiment with kink and you won’t be disappointed! They’re all part of our wide range of affordable sex toys for every interest and desire.

A dildo is a type of sex toy, often shaped like a penis, used for erotic penetration. Dildos are some of the best sex toys around, because there’s so much variety in terms of color and size. They can be vibrating or non-vibrating, and can be anal dildos, strap on and strapless, or even realistic.

Does Sexysos‘s Sell Dildos?

Absolutely! You’ll find top rated dildos of all shapes and sizes at Sexysos’s. Our selection includes:

• Vibrating Dildos: Dildos that feature a vibrator inside to offer different, pleasurable sensations.
• Double Dildos: A long dildo that features a tip on both ends, so that two people may be penetrated at once.
• Strap On Dildos: A dildo that straps onto the body.
• Glass Dildos: Dildos that are made out of glass to offer intense firmness and can be used for temperature play.
• Realistic Dildos: Dildos that are made to look anatomically correct to give a more realistic experience.
• G-Spot Dildos: Dildos that are curved, purposely to stimulate the G-spot.
• Suction Cup Dildos: Dildos that have a suction cup at the end, and are stuck to the wall to offer a “hands free” experience.

Sexysos’s offers these popular adult toys in every color and skin tone you prefer, both huge and smaller ones so you can enjoy the sensation, no matter what your desired size.

What’s the Difference Between Anal Dildos and Vaginal Dildos?

Dildos can be used for vaginal and anal penetration by one person for solo pleasure, while double dildos enable the both of you to enjoy the thrill of deep penetration at the same time and share an intimate moment as you use your new toy. We have numerous glass dildo options, which many users prefer because they’re easy to clean, odor resistant and may make your orgasms even more powerful. You can even put a glass dildo in the freezer or run it under hot water to experiment with different sensations. There are even suction cup dildos that will stick to the wall for fun shower sex, which you can enhance even more with a waterproof G-spot vibrator. They can be used for anal play as well as vaginal penetration, making them versatile as well as arousing.

How Do I Incorporate Dildos Into Couples Play?

If you and your lover are looking for a new toy, then don’t worry. Sexysos’s has everything you need to find the dildo of your dreams. In addition to wanting the best dildos around, some sex toy lovers seek out realistic-looking dildos, as realistic dildos feature flesh colored material that mimics the male anatomy. Whether you’re playing with yourself or with a partner, these lifelike toys are perfect for letting your sexual fantasies run wild.

And if you want to try a strap-on sex, Sexysos’s has plenty of strap on dildos along with harnesses to make this common sexual fantasy into a reality. The great thing is that the dildo can be used on its own for other types of sexual exploration and then put in the harness and used for pegging or other strap-on play. To reduce friction and maximize your pleasure, you may also want to check out our personal lubricant selection to go with your new dildo.

Should I Use Lubricant with My Dildo?

Everyone’s body is different, so whether or not you choose to use lubricant can be completely up to you. Lube is often required for anal sex, though it may not be needed for vaginal penetration; you could possibly use a vibrator to heighten your pleasure quicker. But keep in mind that if your sex toy is made of silicone, that it should never be used silicone-based lube. If you’re not sure what material your toy is made of, or how your body will react to the lube, then using water-based lubricant is your safest option. Sexysos’s features many types of personal lubricants.

And, as always, make sure to clean your sex toys after each use!

If you want to seduce your lover, slip into some sexy lingerie and you’ll be amazed at how fast they drop whatever they’re doing and rush over for a closer look—and feel. When you put on a sexy slip, teddy, bodysuit, chemise or babydoll, bodystocking, kimono robe or even a pair of crotchless panties from Sexysos’s, you’ll instantly feel your hottest. Lingerie perfectly hugs your curves and lets you show off your beautiful body, while teasing your partner with what lies beneath your intimate attire. We carry a wide range of enticing lingerie right here at Sexysos’s.

Why Women Are So Fond of Lingerie

Lingerie appeals to so many women because it makes them feel sexy and seductive, not only to themselves, but also to their partners. The whole idea behind ultra-popular sexy lingerie is that you’re stepping out of your everyday clothing and into something that signals pure sex appeal. There’s no way to mistake that! Save your sweats and t-shirt bra for binge watching your favorite show with a bowl of popcorn, but put on a mesh babydoll and g-string panty set when you want a night filled with the hottest romance you can imagine.

How to be Sexy in Lingerie

In order to be sexy in lingerie, you must feel sexy no matter your shape or size. Confidence is key! If you’re unsure about which style of sexy lingerie would make you feel the most confident and comfortable, think about what sexy parts of your body you want to accentuate in the bedroom.

What Is the Sexiest Type of Lingerie?

There is no unanimous decision on which type of lingerie is the sexiest; it’s all based off of personal preference! Some women prefer going to bed in a see-through babydoll and g-string, a luxurious chemise accented with sexy lace, or simply a provocative bra and charmeuse nightgown. No matter how you choose to dress, you’re sure to look absolutely ravishing in the eyes of your lover.

To help you decide which sexy outfit is best for you, we’ll break down a few of our favorite styles.

A simple lace bra and panty set will really up your sex appeal without stepping too much outside of your comfort zone. There is something about lace that really leaves something to the imagination. Whether you want a bra with criss-cross straps and matching cut-out panties or something straight from a boudoir film, the perfect set shows off just a little bit of skin, but still hides all of the good stuff. Your partner will love the lace look, and they won’t be able to wait to see what is hiding underneath. Though lace bras and g-string panties could be a part of your everyday wear, there is always a different feel when it’s the only thing you’re wearing in the bedroom. Plus, if you purchase a lace bra and g-string for sexytime, you can always wear it under your clothes…just in case something pops up when you’re least expecting it! Or, if you want to tease your lover just a little bit, you could simply wear an almost see-through camisole over your sexy bra. This will make your partner want to come in for a closer look. Let the lace set the mood for your foreplay fantasies, and let your lover remove your clothing as slowly or quickly as they want.

If a sexy bra or lace bralette isn’t doing it for you, then ditch the bra altogether and go for the next step up. Our lingerie selection also includes luscious nightwear like a mesh chemise or a chiffon babydoll. A chemise looks like a tiny little dress, only sexier. You can let the chemise shape your body and show off all of your sexiest body parts. The best part about a chemise is that you can slip right back into it after play time is over, and sleep in pure comfort. Your lover will wake up next to you, see you in the chemise from the night before, and want to do it all over again! A babydoll is similar to a chemise in terms of comfort. You can step into a lace babydoll, and watch your partner drool as they slip you right out. If you want to show off your legs, a sexy black lace babydoll is the perfect way to do just that.

If you’re looking for more of a statement piece, try a one piece bodysuit. These will hug all of your sexiest curves, and accentuate everything your lover loves about you. Add to the sexy look with a full lace design, or a see-through mesh suit! If your favorite body part is your chest, try a high-waisted outfit that features a deep V-neck, and watch your partner shake with anticipation. A great part about a bodysuit is that you don’t have to wear anything underneath, but if you wanted to add a g-string you could! Another layer for your partner to take off just makes the anticipation build more and more.

Corset-style lingerie transforms your shape, no matter your size, showing off your body to your best advantage. If you’ve always wanted an hourglass figure, a sexy black corset or lace bustier will have you strutting your stuff in no time. You can get one with hook closure, or a lace-up style that will really accentuate your curves. Either way, you’ll be amazed at how much body confidence putting on one of these sensual-style garments can bring you, and you’ll love how your partner will react when they see you!

If you want to show off a little more than you normally would, try something crotchless. You could pair crotchless panties with a matching bra, or slip into a crotchless bodysuit. Going crotchless allows you and your partner to admire the lingerie for longer periods of time, since you technically don’t ever have to take it off.

We carry a wide range of naughty lingerie in various colors and designs, including plus size lingerie options for women of every body type. Whether you want a gorgeous bra and lace panty set to put on beneath your date night outfit or pasties and garters to show off your legs, we’ve got it! Wearing crotchless panties and a mesh bra is enough to get anyone excited. Sometimes less is more. The best part about the most seductive sleepwear is that you won’t actually be getting that much sleep.

When Women Should Wear Sexy Lingerie

Women’s lingerie can be for special occasions or everyday use. There are no rules! Maybe you have a hot date after work and want to be ready for action at a moment’s notice, or simply prepare yourself throughout the day. Be ready for action with some garters under your dress or skirt, or the perfect mesh lace bra. It’ll be your little secret until you want to unveil it.

A lot of women wear lingerie on their wedding night or honeymoon, or even as a sexy surprise for Valentine’s Day. If you’re planning a friend’s bachelorette party or if you’re the one getting married, we offer beautiful white bridal lingerie! A white babydoll, sheer lace bra, lace chemise with garters, g-string with rhinestones and pasties, are all perfect for the bride-to-be.

There is no set time for wearing lingerie. Even if you just change up your everyday style for a lace thong or racy bra, you’ll quickly experience the difference some special naughty sleepwear can make. You’re in control—you can decide whether you want an intimate “barely there” outfit or one that teases your partner’s eye. Either way, you’ll be utterly irresistible in some sexy lingerie, that boosts your confidence at the same time! Sexysos’s offers every type of intimate attire your heart could desire.

Sex toys aren’t just for women! Sexysos’s is proud to offer a selection of the very best men’s sex toys to maximize your pleasure every time. Some of these male sex toys can be incorporated into sex with your partner, while others are perfect for solo pleasure.

We all get into a rut with our sex routines and need a little boost when it comes to getting off on your own or as a couple. Our male sex toys, which range from strokers to sleeves to cock rings, are designed to bring you the ultimate pleasure that you just can’t get on your own. Whether you’re looking for a Fleshlight, a men’s vibrator, a penis sleeve or any other type of men’s sex toy, you’ll find it right here.

What Kind of Strokers Do You Recommend?

There are so many different types of stroker sex toys for men, but a few of the most common are strokers and dildos. If you want a male sex toy that will provide countless erotic thrills that you normally can’t get alone, then a Fleshlight stroker is all you’re looking for. A Fleshlight stroker with a textured interior can make your next solo sex session one that will leave you breathless. These toys are modeled after real women, so it’ll feel almost like the real thing as they squeeze you tight. Sexysos’s also carries a large selection of realistic dildos that both look and feel amazing during penetration.

Are There Toys for Prostate Play?

Male sex toys offer you plenty of variety in terms of materials, design, and purpose. If you want to engage in anal sex, whether on the receiving end as your lover wears a strap-on dildo, or on your own with a butt plug, we have plenty of options for you. For those who want to explore prostate play, we have a whole range of men’s toys, like prostate massagers, available and designed with your pleasure in mind. These anal toys let you indulge your most cherished fantasy, and can be worn during sex or masturbation for an explosive finish. If you’re concerned about your penis size, check out our penis pumps, so you can finally achieve the length you desire, impress your lover, and feel confident in the bedroom. An adult toy like the Perfect Penis Extender can add to your member’s length and girth, so you can have the best sex of your life and feel like the ultimate stud.

Which Sex Toys Can Be Used as a Couple?

If you’re looking for an enhancer in couple’s play, then a vibrating, silicone cock sleeve will definitely do the trick! Wearing a sleeve during intercourse can allow both parties to feel the amazing sensations that will drive them wild. Cock rings are not only a great type of sex toy to use on your own, but they can also increase pleasure with your leading lady. Look for a vibrating cock ring with attached rabbit ears, so you both can feel the intensity together.

Can Men Use Vibrators, Too?

Maybe you’ve had a lover run a vibrator along your most sensitive areas and have wanted to experience that type of thrilling sensual bliss again. The great news is you can! Whether you’re single or have a partner, sex can always be made even more pleasurable with a little help from adult toys made with your male anatomy in mind. A vibrating cage can rock your world and give you powerful sexual thrills you won’t get in any other way. There are even men’s vibrators such as the Multi Speed Vibrating Head Teazer that conforms to your penis for sensations that will leave you grinning.

You’re in good hands with any of our wide range of sex toys for men because they’re all perfect for first-timers but powerful enough for pros. You’ll never be bored when you go solo and discover just how much enjoyment your own body can provide with the help of sex toys.

When you want to connect with your lover in the most intimate of ways, trying out sex toys for couples can spark a whole new erotic side to your relationship! Whether you have experience with these types of adult products or not, using them together with your partner can show you what truly turns them on and expand the possibilities of what you can do with each other in bed.

The couple that plays together has the most fun, which is why Sexysos’s has couples sex toys running the gamut from strap-ons to dildos to bullet vibrators and vibrating panties! Rather than keeping these erotic goodies all to yourself, you can show off for your partner as you indulge your exhibitionist side, or hand over a vibrator and let them use it to make you moan. The possibilities for how you use your adult toys for couples are endless. One of you can be the “giver” and the other the “receiver,” you can take turns trying them on each other, or you can incorporate them into your foreplay or intercourse.

One popular option for couples is a sex kit that contains multiple erotic toys, so you can each use one at the same time, or combine using an eye mask and a vibrator, as just one example. Sexysos’s has lots of variety so you can get exactly the erotic thrills you desire. If you want to turn-up the kink factor and try out BDSM with your partner everything you need is here with silky bondage ropes to choker and leash sets, and paddles. Whether you’re looking to explore the thrill of hot wax play, ben wa balls, butt plugs, vibrating cock rings or anything else, we’ve selected the very best sex toys for couples so you can be assured that you’ll both be thrilled every step of the way. Remember, it’s not just about what you want, but what you both want: you may love the feeling of being restrained that you get from a pair of red furry handcuffs, while your partner may get aroused by seeing you wearing them once they’re locked into place.

Part of being in a relationship is growing and changing along with your partner. Sure, you may have favorite sex positions, but there’s always room to explore something new. Sex toys are a wonderful way to do that, and also show your partner that you’re the type of guy or gal who’s adventurous and willing to try anything once in the name of sexual satisfaction. If you want to turn up the heat, grab these sex tools for couples and you’ll be on your way to hours of unbridled pleasure!

Sexysos’s has the best personal lubricants, lotions and gels for every kind of sex act, from anal lube to water-based lubrication and massage lotion. Every man and woman can benefit from a little sex lubricant, whether on your own or with a partner, because it helps reduce friction and make you juicy right where you need it. Sex lube is perfect to use with your favorite adult toys, as well as for hand jobs, intercourse and any type of anal play.

What Are Sex Gels?

We also have sex gels that can be used on specific body parts such as the nipples or clitoris to help make you more aroused. A popular option is women’s orgasm enhancement gel, which can give her just the boost she needs to get her as hot and bothered as you are and ready for sexytime.

What Are Sex Lotions?

Our lubes and sex lotions come in a wide variety of options, whether you want flavored lube to make oral sex something you look forward to, a warming lube or gel to heat things up or a prolonging cream to stay hard as long as you want to. If you want to give the sweetest, most sensual massage, the kind that will have your lover moaning in delight at how good your touch feels, use one of our flavored sex body lotions. You can indulge in an erotic rubdown as part of foreplay or simply to help them relax after a long day…if you do it right, they will likely be in the mood for something even steamier when you’re done!

Why Are Anal Lubes Important?

If you’re enjoying any form of anal sex, whether with a sex toy like a butt plug or intercourse, lubrication is a must to do it safely. Anal lube is important because the anus isn’t self-lubricating. We have just the right anal lube to make this type of erotic play welcoming for all. For other types of sexual intimacy, little lube can go a long way, whether you’re looking for a versatile water-based lube to mimic your natural juices or a longer lasting silicone-based lube to go the distance in the sack. In this section you’ll also find organic lubes for those looking for all natural ingredients.

Sexysos’s also has plenty of lube kids and lubricant sampler packs that are perfect for travel or keeping in your bag for whenever you might need them or for trying out different versions before settling on a favorite. If you’re looking for a sex lubricant to make your intimate moments even more pleasurable, we have them to suit every need. Go ahead and make sex even more exciting! And if you’re looking for sex toys to pair with your lube, you’ll find a huge range of them right here at Sexysos’s.