How to use sex toys?

June 16, 2022

Do you know how to use sex toys during sex?

Single sex can’t help but be a bit boring. If you use sex toys during sex, the effect can’t be the same as Japanese, which is wonderful.

Today, the store brings you how to use sex toys.


How to use sex toys

1. Correctly understand sex toys

First of all, it is necessary to have a correct understanding of sex toys. Sex toys are not to satisfy personal desires, but to allow couples to share sexual orgasms. If couples use it together, it can add interest in sex life, help two people achieve sexual synchronization, allow two people to enjoy orgasm at the same time, and greatly improve the quality of their sexual life.


2. Choose products with high reputation

When using sex toys, be sure to choose reliable ones with good quality. It is best to choose products with high reputation in order to have quality assurance. After use, you should also pay attention to the maintenance of sex toys, store them in clean and dry containers, and disinfect them regularly to ensure hygiene.


3. Follow the instructions to use sex toys

The use of sex toys must be standardized. After you buy them back, read the instructions carefully, or read the relevant knowledge on the official website. If you buy sex toys from a big brand, you can search their official website. Only by using it in a standardized way can it not cause damage to yourself and your lover, and can ensure the health of reproductive organs and healthy sex.


4. It is better for couples to use together

Before using sex toys, couples should communicate well. After reaching a consensus, couples use sex toys together. Remember: Sex toys are a couple’s sexual aid, not a hindrance. The best results can only be achieved if they are used together.


5. Use sex toys to a degree

Use sex toys in moderation. Moderation here contains two meanings, one means that the frequency of use should be moderate, and it is too much. Moderate use frequency can increase the interest of sex life; the other means that the sex toys themselves are moderate, do not Choose bizarre sex toys in pursuit of pleasure.


Precautions before using sex toys

1. Do not throw the unpacked carton anywhere, keep it well, because it needs to be used if you want to send it back to the original factory to repair the damaged parts in the future.


2. Remove the plastic wrapping paper and check if there is any damage during the handling.


3. Take the appliance to the bathroom and degrease the surface. There will be oil on the surface of many simulation appliances, so it should be cleaned once a week to remove oil.


4. The use of ordinary baby puffs is also an essential procedure. The purpose is to remove grease while removing oil, and to remove the dirt on the surface of the appliance. Afterwards, it should be rinsed again, the utensils should be cleaned of powder and dirt with a damp rag, and should be kept dry and clean.


5. During use, it is best to wear a condom and apply an appropriate amount of lubricant.


The pros and cons of sex toys


The pace of life in modern society is getting faster and faster, and the pressure of work and life is increasing. Married life has become a necessity. Good to change this situation.

In fact, there are many types of adult products. Masturbation products such as male and female devices are one of them, and there are others such as sexual intercourse, game clothes, flirting products, sex jumping eggs and condoms, etc. Wait. In the boring night, in the night when he has no interest, you can play various roles as gentle nurses, wild pirates, cute cooks… There is always one that makes him interested. Or flirting with a vibrating egg, a vibrating egg is a very good sex foreplay tool, and it is also a fun companion for female friends to use alone. It is a sensitive clitoris that can stimulate women’s sexuality very well. You can also adjust the frequency and intensity of stimulation to your liking through frequency modulation, so that you can quickly reach a crisp state and speed up the arrival of orgasm. Some women can easily induce orgasm with oscillatory stimulation. One subject woman who underwent PC myovaginal EMG monitoring, masturbating with her own sexual apparatus, recorded more than 70 independent peaks, the height of the clitoris, over the entire 1 hour period. tide. At the same time, if the husband and wife communicate and use it together, it can also play a role in flirting, adding a lot of fun!


A direct consequence of using masturbation or other sexual products too frequently is that the body’s sensitivity to “sexual arousal” decreases, and sexual arousal becomes more and more difficult. This is because sex toys are often used to physically stimulate specific parts of the human body directly through equipment, in order to pursue a one-step, extreme, exaggerated strong pleasure, and this “one-stop” pleasure is in It is indeed very satisfying when you first use it, but the “starting point” of sexual stimulation is quickly raised, and later “slow” and “gentle” stimulation from sexual partners such as light caress may be It’s like tickling, there’s nothing to feel. In the eyes of andrologists, the frequent use of sex toys has never been advocated. Once you realize that such products have seriously interfered with normal sexual life, it is best to stop using them immediately. Try to be distracted at work

Or other recreational activities, try to refrain from contacting the products that you originally relied on. If it is really difficult to overcome by yourself, you should ask a specialist to provide behavioral treatment plans to help solve the problem.


At the end

With the improvement of people’s open-mindedness, shops of adult products can be seen everywhere around our living area, and more and more people have begun to find the correct way to vent their sexual desires. The emergence of sexual products has played an important role in reducing the crime rate. neglected effect. Although gender products are relatively common, there are still many people who are not very clear about their specific use methods. Next, the author will introduce the use methods of gender products.

First, when using sexual products, the first thing you must do is to control the time of use, because the longer the time of use, the greater the damage to the body.

Second, in the choice of sexy clothing, many people tend to choose the tighter clothes, which is actually incorrect, because tight clothes will hinder our blood circulation and even hinder our physical development, so in the When choosing, try to choose some clothes that are more comfortable.

Third, before using sexual products, especially those that will directly contact your skin or internal reproductive organs, you must disinfect them first, but you are also particular about disinfection, it is best to use more Ordinary cotton balls, because too own cotton balls will cause harm to the body when used.

Fourth, condoms must not be reused, they can only be used once. And when using it, you must first hold the seal of the condom and squeeze out the air inside, because if there is air in the condom, it is very likely that the contraceptive effect will not be achieved.

Fifth, when using lubricating fluid, it is best not to apply it on the sexual organs, because it may cause allergies.

The emergence of sex products has indeed brought great help to people’s sexual life, and it also makes one person’s desires can be resolved, but the premise of these is to master the correct use method, if the use method is incorrect, not only It will not produce pleasure and will cause some harm to our body.

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