Sex Toys Consumption Report: 74% of users buy online

June 29, 2022

Masturbation Cup, lubricants, sexy lingerie, small vibrating toys, inflatable dolls… In recent years, as adults’ attitude towards sex has become more and more calm, the enthusiasm for consumption of sex toys has also been slowly ignited. Last week, CBNData launched a “blush heartbeat” poll (click to view), and chatted with everyone about his “sexy truth”.

We found that over 60% of the participants said they had experience using sex toys, and whether it was a “Bronze Detective”, “Silver Player”, or “Fifty Shades of Grey” level king, for them, The exploration of sex toys has become a kind of caring for the needs of the body.

Married couples and lovers, who loves online shopping for sex toys more? Which city in the country has the most “baby circle” lovers? What kind of “aphrodisiac artifact” do urban youths and small town youths love?

On June 2, the First Financial Business Data Center (CBNData) released the “2021 Online Sex Toys Consumption Report” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”). Based on CBNData’s consumption big data, let’s talk with you about the national online shopping for sex toys. those things.

Search at night, place an order during the day

The rapid expansion of the online sex empire

Sex science knowledge in middle school physiology classes may have made us blush, but for adults, having an imagination for good sex is a kind of life wisdom and taste.

CBNData “Report” shows that in 2019, the scale of China’s sex e-commerce market reached 38.92 billion yuan, and it has been attacking with an annual growth rate of more than 50% for several consecutive years. It is expected that the market size will exceed 60 billion yuan by 2020.

The privacy and convenience of e-commerce make it a reality to start buying “shy toys” anytime, anywhere, and it also helps that the consumption of sex toys is gradually becoming popular. CBNData’s “Sexy Truth” questionnaire also showed that 74% of users learned about and purchased sex toys through the “universal” online store to meet the needs of themselves and their partners.


In terms of consumption time, consumers prefer to search at night and place orders during the day when purchasing sex toys. Under the shroud of night, the private and hidden atmosphere brings out desires, and the convenience of online shopping makes one-click purchases easy during the daytime.


Condoms, lubricating oils, aircraft cups, sailor suits, vibrating eggs, low temperature candles… The types of adult products are also constantly enriched, from the initial family planning products, to all kinds of sex toys that fully stimulate physical pleasure. A comprehensive online store is an important channel to release emotions for lovers with diverse needs.

Not surprisingly, online buyers of sex toys are still dominated by male “drivers”, and in terms of age groups, they are concentrated in the post-85s and post-90s. However, with the awakening of the society’s awareness of “pleasing oneself”, women have also begun to show huge growth potential in sex consumption.


Housewives prefer to take the initiative to take the initiative

Couples sending each other becomes popular

Lovers and couples are the two main drivers of “sex” consumption.

If love means recklessly enjoying the enthusiasm of youth, marriage may be to experience the tenderness of long-lasting love in the feathers of a chicken. The business attitude of the married people towards the relationship between the sexes can be seen in the consumption of sex toys.

The CBNData “Report” found that in terms of consumption of sex toys, married people far outnumbered unmarried couples, and online consumption accounted for 80%, especially for couples with children.


For married people, the “burnout period” is a problem that many couples need to face, especially after there are “divine beasts” at home, many couples have already overdrawn their physical and mental passion in complicated trivial matters, and sex toys have become a magic weapon to help warm up the relationship. .

It is worth noting that when it comes to purchasing sex toys, women in the married group are more active. After experiencing the “baptism” of family chores, as wives and mothers, they pursue more physical and mental pleasure, and begin to seek more initiative in obtaining pleasure.


In contrast, although young couples account for a small proportion of the consumption of sex toys, sweet men and women in love are paying more and more attention to the quality of their sexual life. Under the good expectation of “both parties can enjoy happiness”, “exchanging sex toys” has become a sweet interaction between young couples.


Compared with the hazy freehand brushwork of flowers, sex toys represent hot and real desire and enthusiasm. When couples begin to pay attention to each other’s physical needs, they are more able to choose “sexy gifts”. It can be seen from the “Report” that men prefer to give their female partners playthings that stimulate their private parts, while women prefer to send physical dolls and masturbation cups to satisfy their boyfriend’s selfish desire to play freely.


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Men and women in town are full of “sex Toys

Urban youth dare to “splash” money

From the perspective of geographical distribution, young people in small towns have become the main market for consumption of sex toys. CBNData consumption big data found that the second-tier and fifth-tier cities and below are the main consumer markets for online sex toys, and the proportion of consumption of sex toys far exceeds that of first-tier cities. It can be seen that men and women in small towns who have less pressure on cars, houses, and savings have a higher pursuit of life comfort and pleasure, and are more willing to “have fun in time” when the years are quiet.


Although young people in first-tier cities are not “strong” in terms of consumption growth, their consumption power is still considerable. Interpersonal alienation in urban life makes sex toys a toy for them to release loneliness, and a new way of life with intimacy.

They have good consumption strength, and they prefer high-end sex toys. It is not an exaggeration to describe it as “rich is self-willed”. Taking sex dolls as an example, CBNData’s “Report” shows that urban youths are more willing to spend a lot of money on well-crafted physical dolls than inflatable dolls with “moving appearance”.


The phenomenon of urban young people “spending money” to buy sex toys also reflects the product upgrade and differentiation behind the sex toys. The CBNData “Sexy Truth” survey found that the biggest concern of 30% of users when buying and using sex toys is the quality of the products. The popularity of high-quality and creative products now means that people with stronger spending power no longer have to “pull generals out of dwarfs”.

The relevant person in charge of the fun e-commerce and social APP “Hequ” said that the trend of interesting consumption upgrades is justified, and “Hequ” has also followed the market trend and launched intelligent hardware products with interactive functions to adapt to consumers’ advanced and diversified demand.

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Regional consumption is windy and “feeling”

“Sex toys” blessing can be very individual

The geographic location, economic status and social culture of a city often subtly affect people’s thinking patterns and consumption behaviors. In the consumption of sex toys, CBNData also found a different kind of regional style “sentiment” in big data.

As the host of the annual international adult exhibition, Shanghai has also shown extraordinary strength in the consumption of sex toys. CBNData “Report” shows that in 2019, the per capita consumption of sex toys in Shanghai ranked first. In the ranking of consumption power, in addition to first-tier cities, Hubei and Jiangxi regions also have hidden “old drivers” who can earn money and dare to spend.


The “Report” further found that cities around the world have different preferences for the categories of adult toys and the pursuit of “sex” blessings. Henan people are more eager for “lasting” and most prefer to use external delay agents. Jiangsu Province, on the other hand, is an enthusiastic buyer of erotic lingerie.


Men in southern regions such as Guangdong, Sichuan, and Fujian prefer to buy physical dolls, while northwestern men in Xinjiang, Ningxia, and Qinghai prefer masturbation cups.


Online shopping has made the consumption of sex toys popular and universal. From the perspective of “Hequ”, today’s young consumers not only like the fresh gameplay of sex toys, but also start to pay attention to the fun culture and life attitude derived from product experience. .

When we are willing to break through the traditional thinking prejudice and face up to our physical and psychological desires and needs, what we write in the search box is no longer just a sex toy, but also a more comfortable and sincere self.

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